“I would like to take the opportunity to mention our great pleasure in dealing with Steve Robertson in the recent sale of our home. His professionalism and calming reassurance in what can be an emotional time was very welcome. His dedication and expertise, the awesome portfolio and fliers he created brought a quick, full price offer. Steve will spend as much time as necessary in explanation of terms and agreements to make his client feel at ease.”
Mike and Karen Simonsen


“My wife and I want to extend our heartfelt "thanks" for a job well done in your efforts to sell our home. We realized early in our attempt to sell this home in the $300,000 plus range that we needed professional help. Upon enlisting you as our broker, we had a "valid" contract on the fourth day it was listed. You followed up in all necessary commitments as a real professional. Our sincere thanks to you and your support staff for a successful effort and a job well done.”
Phil and Liv Artese


“Just recently Steve Robertson of RE/MAX listed and sold my home in Broomfield. I was so impressed by the job he did, I wanted to tell you about it and give you the benefit of having a wonderful real estate experience when you should need to purchase or sell. I held an active real estate license in California for sixteen years. My entire working career has encompassed escrow, real estate and mortgage so I certainly have had a lot of exposure to real estate agents for more than twenty-five years. Steven ranks as the top agent I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. He was honest, up front, ethical and did an exceptionally fine job of marketing my home. He did not tie me into extended contract time, was very professional, followed up with information on a weekly basis with fail and was always concerned with my satisfaction. I sincerely hope you will call on Steven when you are ready to purchase or sell because I am sure you will be as delighted with the services rendered as I am. He is a class act!”
Suzanne Buggel


“Dear Steve: I just wanted to THANK YOU for the great service that you extended to me. You were always on top of the situation and kept me up-to-date as well, which I really appreciated. You were very knowledgeable and thorough and I felt very confident in your abilities. I have received a card indicating that you have made a contribution to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in my honor. That is such a wonderful thing to do and so kind and thoughtful of you. Steve, it was a pleasure working with you. THANK YOU so MUCH !!! Have a great summer.”
Margie Ball


“Steve Robertson helped us sell our first home back in 1994. When we decided to sell our second house we thought of Steve right away. He was familiar and had done a fine job selling our first house. But the situation was quite different this time. The market was dead. Not a single house sold in our neighborhood the previous month, when we met with Steve to discuss putting our house on the market, he was quite positive it would be sold in less than 60 days. My wife and I had spent the summer getting ready to go on the market. We had the big garage sale. Went about de-cluttering each room (that was hard). We did some upgrades where they seemed to be needed. But then we got stuck. How much more should we do? My wife had different ideas than I did. But we agreed to depend on Steve to help us decide what was needed. Steve did a walk-through with us. We told him our ideas. And this is one of the areas that really helped us. Steve told us not to bother with a number of expensive projects we had in mind. Then he gave us a list to complete before the for-sale sign would go up. He helped us agree on our plan. We were moving ahead again. The for-sale sign went up and the wait began. Steve encouraged us by saying, "You only need to have the right buyer see this house." Less than six weeks later we had an offer! We then told Steve, "Now we need you to get us into that mountain home we love." His answer? "That's what I'm here for." All I could tell him was "You da man!" Within the week we had our offer on our dream home in the mountains accepted. We could not believe it. As you may know, having the offer on a house accepted is not the end of the process. In fact, that's where things start to get interesting. There is a long detailed list of actions that must be completed. Emotions are high. It seems every little thing could be the crisis to end it all. This is where Steve shined. The man has been doing this a long time. He knows what to expect and how to make sure everything gets done for his clients. So here we are, living our dream. We've wanted this for close to forty years. Steve Robertson helped make it happen. I said it before and I say it again. Steve, You da man!”
Kelly John Carney


“Steven was invaluable in getting our house picked out and helping us through the buying process. He was responsive, very active in making suggestions and just the person we wanted on our side. I'd give him 6 stars if it were an option.”
Andy Tuthill


“I could not be happier with my recent experience with Steve. My wife and I are relatively new to the market and Steve made us feel very comfortable with our decisions and provided unsurpassed insight. We would HIGHLY recommend this agent!”                                                   

 Ryan & Thuy


“I've worked with Steve on several real estate deals and I believe that there is no other agent who will work harder or better then him! I highly recommend him whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned real estate person.”
Michael Saxe



Testimonials are an important part of choosing the right agent. Don’t take our word for it, hear it straight from the mouths of our clients!