Preparing to Sell Your Home

Here are few quick tips to help prepare your house to before it goes on the market. Follow these simple steps and make a great impression on potential buyers to help cinch the deal.

General Maintenance

  • Eliminate odors – use air fresheners in rooms, deep-clean odor stains from animals, children, etc.
  • Replace and/or clean A/C filters and vents
  • Paint walls, ceilings, sides, doors, etc. to cover chipping
  • Dust window ledges and clean windows – in and out
  • Go through house and garage to purge unused items
  • Clean and wipe down all stained woodwork including doors and cabinets
  • Get carpets cleaned if they are stained or old
  • Start packing small items that clutter up the house


Interior Maintenance


  • Keep all surfaces clean and clear – two items or less on each
  • Remove all clutter from the front of the refrigerator
  • Make sure trash is not overflowing – store inside pantry, closet or under sink
  • Sweep and clean floors on a regular basis
  • Wash and put away dishes in the sink before all showings

Living Areas

  • Don’t overdo it on furniture – keep the nicer pieces out and store the rest
  • Float furniture away from walls; it will make the room appear bigger
  • Store away personal photos, magazines, books, etc that make the room look cluttered
  • Patch and paint nail holes
  • Allow as much natural light to shine through as possible
  • Add lamps to rooms that are dimly lit
  • Clean fireplace and clean mantle of clutter


  • Keep each room simply furnished
  • Make sure clothes are hung up, not laying on furniture
  • Try to eliminate as many personal photos, posters, etc. as possible from walls
  • Make beds
  • No more than two items on nightstand, dresser, desk, etc.


  • Scrub toilets, showers, sinks, tubs until they shine
  • Clean floors of water, hair, dirt, etc.
  • Clear shower of unused/unnecessary bath items
  • Clean counters and keep to 2 items or less
  • Organize linen closets to look neat

Lighting and Scent

  • Dust and wash all light fixtures and fans
  • Replace light bulbs and upgrade wattage where you can
  • Open windows and turn on lights for showings
  • Use a vanilla or baked-goods scent (chocolate chip cookies, cake batter, cinnamon, etc.)


Exterior Maintenance


  • Sweep out garage and around all patios, decks, etc.
  • Make sure front porch/door are clear of cobwebs and clean of dirt
  • Paint trim where chipped
  • Doorbell working?
  • Replace broken or damaged roof shingles
  • Organize garage – put away tools, stack boxes, organize work space


  • Mow lawn, trim bushes, remove weeds
  • Make sure gardens look nice
  • Store away hoses, children’s toys, animal toys, etc.


First Impressions Are Everything – You Get One Shot to Make it Great!